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  • Calendula Floral Elixirs review

    When i say i bathed Aavya, put the oil on her last night soons we got home, (also took some before photos for you) but this morning i put some on her before daycare and i just oiled her down again for bed, let me tell you the difference in her skin already!!!!!!!!!!! She has dry patches on her stomach, and shoulders and her legs are suuuuuper dry!! But when i just massages her down for bed, her skin wasn’t NEAR as rough as it was last night! Her forehead too! I’m excited ima do pics in a week and send them all to you!
    These pictures don’t even do justice it looks better in person, but it’s clearing up so well! So I think I want to try another kind, maybe the chamomile to calm her skin.”

    - Monroe E. And her baby girl

  • I drink That 1 Ph tea and eats SeaMoss. I am able to to go for walks and it not hurt my legs. I have lost 16 pounds. It has done me good. -Janine T.

  • lowered my glucose levels. Overall my health has been way better. -Vincent H.

  • They say when your at your lowest of lows like hurt and can’t hurt any worse is when the universe finds you I lost my brother 2 years ago and my sister introduced me to meditating and I purchased some crystals. I did not understand at first like I had to listen to Ellese. Ellese got me on the path to start I started reading and researching crystals and you mean to tell me that it’s scientifically proven these crystal form by the world can protect me heal and keep me safe? just by them being with me? wish I would of had known sooner 🙃 don’t get me started on the herbs from Ellese. I use in everything especially my baths and tea. I was a non believer at first, but I had a Stroke that took my legs and voice from me. The medicine they were giving me deprived me and made me sick. it was something she told me stop the medication and mailed the biggest care box of sea moss herbs tea sage waist beads She had me on a meal, tea, and fasting plan. She encouraged breathing, meditation, and stretching. I was walking and talking within the month not perfect but it was ah start that I kept at and I’m 100%better thank you. -Amari D.

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⚡️Sea Moss Flavors

5 Flavors available  

-⚡️Plain SeaMoss

-⚡️Elderberry sea moss

-⚡️Elderberry, burdock root and dandelion root

-⚡️Bladderwrack SeaMoss

-⚡️Mullein SeaMoss

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⚡️Floral Elixirs oil

6 Different flavors/ 3 different sizes

Chamomile and avocado oil

Lavender and avocado oil

Rose and avocado oil

Sage, mugwort, and avocado oil

Calendula and avocado oil *Top seller*

Rose, lavender, chamomile, calendula, and avocado oil

sizes: roll on, dropper, 8oz, 16oz

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⚡️Copper wrapped Pendants

I love custom orders. I can wrap it simple or very detailed. Please Dm with your unique order today. If you have your own crystal(s) you can mail it to me. I also have crystal on hand.

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⚡️Loc Jewlery

⚡️loc Jewlery! I love to do custom orders. I can add whatever color bead or crystal.

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Everything is Electric and handmade it’s Love and Gratitude, by yours truly!

Everything is 100% Alkaline ⚡️

  • I am also on my holistic healing journey. My experiences have given me insight on a lot of challenges one can have transitioning to a healthier holistic Lifestyle. I am here to help in anyway I can. It’s electric ⚡️

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    Holistic healing guidance.
    Contact with any questions or help needed.
    Email: elleseendeavors@gmail.com

    IG: elleseelectricendeavors3333